Mark Kujala
Candidate for Clatsop County Commission

Accessible & Transparent
I want to continue making government as transparent and accessible as possible.  As Mayor, the City of Warrenton took great strides in communicating with people.   I wrote a weekly article, "The Mayor's Corner," in the Columbia Press.  I also held weekly 'Mayor's coffee meetings' on Monday mornings that were open to the press and public.

Economic Opportunity
As Mayor, I declared that Warrenton is "open for business".  That means more jobs, more resources for essential services and increased activity for existing businesses. Economic prosperity can occur across the board, and can benefit every resident, business, and employee in Clatsop County, as long as we continue to be smart and strategic. I will continue to advocate for responsible growth.

As a commissioner, I will be a representative and an advocate. My first job as a commissioner is to give every issue and every person an ear. Listening is the most important activity, and although there can be differences in opinion, remaining objective and giving an opportunity to speak one’s mind leads to more information and better decision making. I want to continue to do this, and allow for more accessibility. Right now, you can contact me by email (, website ( or just give me a call on my cell phone at (503) 791-2513.

Public Safety & Infrastructure
Public safety is the most important responsibility of local government. We need to continue the support for these essential services which also include improvement to infrastructure such as water, sewer, roads, drainage, and parks. 

Clatsop County is a great place to live because we have partnerships with strong community and non-profit organizations.  As Mayor, among the partnerships forged between the City of Warrenton and local organizations included:
- The construction of the Clatsop Community Action (CCA) Clatsop County Regional Food Bank
- The Senior Lunch program at the Warrenton Community Center
- Warrenton Kids Inc. and the rehabilitation of the city ballparks
- The Warrenton Trails Association (WTA) and the waterfront trail
- Parents and Teachers Helping Students (PATHS) and programs that supplement the educational experience at Warrenton Grade School

These are just a few and I welcome future partnerships with a focus to improve the quality of life in Clatsop County.

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